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Process for web or blog creation

  1. Know your website charges from Price list- you can get information about charges by mail or call or price list.If phone is switched off so please send email for price or phone appointment.Please mention which Plan do you want to purchase.Now websites start from plan P10.
  2. Send email with your complete website content and your website or blog plan- you have to send your photos and all of data which is required for your website and your details Name,Age,Sex,Country,City and Contact Number.
  3. Get confirmation Email by one email of Govind Tiwari)- according to schedule Govind Tiwari will confirm your work and time and you will receive a later from Mr. Govind.
  4. Send Total Charges of your website to account of Govind Tiwari-you can get Bank Account number by call or mail but please do not send money without getting confirmation email from . send only 40% of amount in starting and 60% after work. 
  5. Send scanned copy of your money sending proof(slip or any proof) and later which have got from Govind Tiwari with your Signature - this is last step from our clients after 24 Hours you will get your name on his blog you can also check about his blog on Google or any Search Engine.
  6. You will get the information about the date on which your website or blog will complete with in two days.after that you can call or mail for any changes in your blog or website according to the Plan .
  7. You will get your final blog or final website on your final date .
  8. Thanks.


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